Laser Hair Removal for Transgender Clients

Transitioning from a male to a female is exciting, challenging and rewarding for the individual. The transition may involve various cosmetic and physiological procedures to achieve the desired final appearance.  Laser hair removal is a fantastic way to eliminate all unwanted hair permanently.

Reasons for Transgender Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal may be especially significant and empowering for trans women.  Body or facial hair can distressingly remain long after the transition and may significantly delay transition itself.

Other hair removal methods like shaving & waxing are infamous for being inconvenient, expensive in the long term and simply not smart on precious time (what would you do with 72 days?). Not to mention the unfortunate fact that waxing and shaving requires regular upkeep, causes unsightly razor bumps/acne, or razor cuts.

LMC – Laser Medical Clinic understands the unique needs of the transgender community. We provide a warm, safe and welcoming environment and our expertise ensures you the best possible results. We are here to treat you with precise, effective and lasting results you’ll love as you enter a new phase of your life! Our GentleMaxPro laser is a gold standard in Laser Hair Removal that will give you the results you’re looking for!

Additional Hair Removal Treatments Available

Laser hair removal for trans women can be targeted to multiple areas of the body, with the face, back, legs and chest being the most popular. Laser hair removal can also be effective on other body areas like the abdomen, arms, bikini area, neck and shoulders.

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