Laser Hair Removal



What is the advantage of the GentleMax pro?

Syneron-Candela GentleMax pro laser is a Gold Standard, award winning laser that consist of a dual platform. Laser hair removal is carried out by means of the 755 nm alexandrite laser of the Syneron-Candela GentleLase Pro system, which is the fastest and the most powerful lasers currently available, as well as using the equally high-powered 1064 nm Nd: Yag laser of the Gentle Yag Pro system. Syneron-Candela GentleYag Pro laser is the most powerful 1064 nm Nd: Yag laser available, and it effectively removes all types of body hair on any skin color including dark or tanned skin. Due to rapidity and efficiency of these procedures, amazing results are achieved.

What is the newest GentleMax pro used for?

GentleMax Pro is a smart, latest-generation laser with an improved touchscreen, allowing parameters for optimal treatment to be selected in accordance with the patient’s criteria.

This laser is designed to:

*result may vary for each individual

Are GentleMax Pro laser procedures painful?

A dynamic skin cooling system (DCD) is integrated into the GentleMax Pro laser. The desired level of skin epidermis cooling can be selected before, during and after the transmission of the impulse. As the result, the procedure can be made more comfortable, transmission of the impulse, while still ensuring that the surrounding tissues remain protected.

Do I need to prepare for these treatments?

Please shave the treatment area the day before your next appointment to ensure results.

How often do I have to come back for treatments?

No two clients are the same in terms of being able to give them a definite number of necessary treatments. It really depends on your age, hair type and the area to be treated. Some clients require 6 treatments, whereas others may need 9 or more. But on average about 80 percent hair reduction is achieved after 6 visits. You should also know: there may be reduced hair growth for several weeks after a treatment. Then you’ll experience new regrowth in certain areas and during this stage another treatment is required.

Laser Hair Removal Prices
For Women
Laser: By Synergon-Canada GentleMax Pro Alexandrite
& Nd: YAG Laser
Area Single Package of Six
Upper Lip $50 $250
Chins or Sideburn $60 $300
Lips and Chin $80 $400
Cheeks $50 $250
Neck $50 $250
Whole Face $100 $500
Whole Face and Neck $150 $750
Arms $150 $750
Underarms $50 $250
Full back $150 $750
Half arm $100 $500
Breast $50 $250
Stomach $60 $300
Bikini Line $50 $250
Brazillian Bikini $100 $500
Full legs $200 $1000
Half legs $150 $750
Full legs and Brazillian $250 $1250
Buttocks $70 $350
Upper body $250 $1,250
Lower body $300 $1,500
Full body $450 $2,250
Hands $50 $250
Knees $50 $250
Laser Hair Removal Prices
For Men
Laser: By Synergon-Canada GentleMax Pro Alexandrite
& Nd: YAG Laser
Area Single Package of Six
Full back or Chest or Face $150 $750
Half back or Ab or Shoulders $100 $500
Full back and Chest $250 $1,250
Upper body $450 $2,250
Lower body $550 $2,750
Whole body $899 $4,495
Neck (front or back) $60 $360
Neck (all around) $100 $500
Underarm $75 $375
Half arm $150 $750
Full arm $250 $1250
Ears $50 $250
Fingers and Hands $70 $350