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Is SPF that important? Even in places like Canada? In simplest terms, YES! The sun is still extremely powerful and can cause DNA damage, even on cloudy days.

SPF (sun protection factor) is what sunscreen is all about. It protects your DNA from both indirect and direct damage inflicted by the sun’s powerful rays. UVA and UVB rays are the two culprits. UVA = associated with indirect DNA damage, premature skin aging, fine lines, wrinkles, sun spots, beam lines. This indirect DNA damage is long-term in onset.

UVB = associated with the sunburn and tan most of us have on top of our priority list when going on vacation (guilty)..


  • All ages, genders and skin types should have sunscreen application & reapplication in their daily routine.
  • Broad-spectrum protection is key: ​ Both UVA and UVB rays are carcinogens (cancer-causing) so you want protection against both types!
  • Sunscreen can help the skin maintain a more even skin tone.
  • You will not be able to do certain laser treatments while tanned, such as Sublime and Sublative eTwo.
  • Apply 1.0 ounce (enough to fill a shot glass) to all exposed areas of your skin 15 – 30 minutes before going outside. Don’t skip your scalp, ears, and feet, which are all susceptible to both sunburn and skin cancer. Reapply every two hours or after perspiring or swimming.
  • E​ven on cloudy days, 80% of ultraviolet rays can penetrate cloud coverage.

LMC is proud to offer Vivier SkinCare at our clinic location and for good reason. Viver manufactures and markets premium pharmaceutical skin care products that are proven to prepare, target, moisturize and protect your skin. Check out their products here


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Natalie Harvey
Natalie Harvey
15:44 07 Jul 19
I wanted to know more about PRP treatment for hair loss, and the staff at LMC were very knowledgeable and helpful in... answering all of my concerns. I love how I look now, feel like myself again. The PRP prices here are also really affordable for me. Thank you!read more
Kendra R
Kendra R
18:22 29 May 19
Excellent customer service. I'm very happy with my results of laser hair removal so far. It works but you have to make... sure to follow their instructionsread more
Viana U
Viana U
00:17 24 May 19
I don't usually leave reviews but I feel it's important for the LGBT community to know this clinic is very LGBT... friendly. As someone who is transitioning to female, I was anxious to get laser hair removal but finances were an issue at the time. I didn't know of any LGBT friendly places either. My friend, who is also in the LGBT community, referred me here, and she also has come to love the clinic This place has helped my confidence so much. The staff are so friendly and make me feel like a queen each time I come for a visit. Ive done so many services here now - Botox, fillers, velashape and I've never felt more confident. Worth every visit, even with commuting from DT Torontoread more
Vlad K
Vlad K
17:15 20 May 19
Every time I go here for my laser hair removal, I am getting more and more shocked with the improvement of the amount..... I am very grateful that I found this place because it is not only the development of the process but also the employees are very friendly and welcoming. The prices don't break the bank compared to other places with the exact same technology. The staff is sweet. Highly recommendread more
Philip S
Philip S
20:55 12 May 19
This clinic was recommended to me by a friend who also had PRP Harvest® for hair loss, a procedure I was interested in... having and was VERY satisfied with his result and experience. Everyone in his office was very helpful and went above and beyond. I am absolutely thrilled with my results after multiple sessions. The prices are very fair here. Some clinics in downtown are charging much much higher for the same procedure.read more
Claude Pereira
Claude Pereira
01:19 04 Dec 18
I would definitely give this clinic a 5 star rating. This is the second time around I'm using their treatment and... couldn't be happier. The staff here is really friendly and informative and they use state of the art technology when it comes to their equipment. Their procedure is definitely worth the money and you can notice a difference in your skin right after the first session. Highly recommended!!read more
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